Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Brody Update

Brody is two and every mother that has or ever had a two year old knows what that means.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Being two is beyond fun and precious, but can be totally exhausting and tests my patience like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Brody is such a fun and spunky child.  Teaching him is such a gift and on the hard days I have to remind myself of this.  He is such a sweet boy.  Some of these pics are before he turned two, but most are right before or since his birthday.  One thing is for sure, I think he's adorably cute!!

We have so much fun together...me and my little side kick.  Brody loves music, sports, going to the library, hanging out with friends, trying new things, watching big kids.  He's very friendly usually.  He greets people in the store and around the neighborhood.  He can be a bit on the bossy side which we're working on and can get a little hangry which I'll probably always blame on Aunt Sarah even though I don't know how it's her fault.  He loves to destroy things...build a tower just to demolish it.  NOT just simply knock it over, I'm talking destruction. 

Brody moved to a big boy bed in November.  Although I wasn't sure how it would go, he's done great!  He's not gotten out...ever.  I totally know this could change, but so far he's not even tried.  He did fall out once which I thought was going to be traumatic, but thankfully it wasn't. 

And one more thing...his Daddy is his hero.  He thinks Daddy hung the moon and he wants to be just like him.  : )